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Spanish – LA

July 8, 2013


I’m not supposed to like processed foods.  I should tell you that I only shop at farmers markets, create all my snacks from scratch and have never eaten a hot dog. There are some things that are just delicious or nostalgic or both that I happen to love.  Butterscotch Krimpets from Tasty Kake, street pretzels, […]

Easter – SF

April 23, 2011


Easter morning. Oh, the anticipation. The glorious sugar rush. My parents used to put together the best Easter baskets: technicolor jelly beans, malt ball eggs, a chocolate bunny, fluffy grass, Cadbury eggs and of course peeps. We would come bounding down the stairs on Easter morning and be greeted with a cornucopia of candy. We’d […]

Pudding – SF

April 19, 2011


There is no easy way to photograph pudding.  Not that I’m making excuses (poor indoor lighting, a green dish that makes my pudding look sickly).  All of my pudding photos look like the second (or actually third) coming of The Blob. Why am I telling you this? Because photos don’t do pudding the justice it […]

Orange – SF

March 31, 2011


I’m a hardcore snacker.  I tend to graze all day on fruits, veggies, nuts and other treats.  Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before. I wish there was a logical reason for my squirrel-like eating habits, like “It’s great to eat 6 meals a day!” or “Keeps my metabolism up!” But let’s be honest.  I’m just a […]

St. Patrick’s Day – SF

March 18, 2011


Corned beef and cabbage. My old stool at O’Leary’s in Boston.  Irish soda bread.  Irish coffee.  Green beer.  NYPD and FDNY at the Kinsale on Third Ave and 94th Street.  Parades.  Green vomit.  Potatoes.  Hoboken. Eating Rita’s water ice in Hoboken after a full day of fun.  Guinness. Those are the things that remind me […]