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Cereal – LA

July 16, 2013


Now that you know my secret love of (some) processed foods, I have no qualms with telling you about my cereal problem.  I could eat it for breakfast and dinner.  I gave it up for Lent one year (40 very sad, dark days).  I had no idea what to eat in the morning, but it […]

Banana – SF

September 29, 2011


We are in serious packing mode over here in SF.  I guess it’s time to tell you that the Haley household is moving. Again. I’m a chronic mover.  I recently visited the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site where I learned that the playwright moved 35 times in his life, lived for the longest stretch in […]

Ginger – NYC

May 24, 2011


We know, we know – it’s been too long. Let’s follow that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” quip – did you miss us? We missed all of you! We’re in need of some new ideas, dear readers, and would love a little direction on “Gimme Some Sugah!” Pretty please?? Now, onto the post! Ah, […]

St. Patrick’s Day – SF

March 18, 2011


Corned beef and cabbage. My old stool at O’Leary’s in Boston.  Irish soda bread.  Irish coffee.  Green beer.  NYPD and FDNY at the Kinsale on Third Ave and 94th Street.  Parades.  Green vomit.  Potatoes.  Hoboken. Eating Rita’s water ice in Hoboken after a full day of fun.  Guinness. Those are the things that remind me […]

Mint & Chocolate – SF

March 7, 2011


David Lebovitz’s mint chip ice cream: no store-bought ice cream tastes as soothing or decadent.  The mint is subtle yet herbaceous, deriving its entire tongue-tingling flavor from fresh mint leaves. And, thanks to Kelsey who suggested a mint chocolate challenge, I had the perfect excuse to revisit this recipe. But, lately I’ve been having a […]

American Traditions – SF

November 23, 2010


About a week ago, some warm weather blasted San Francisco making for perhaps the nicest weekend I’ve spent here.  We hiked around Mount Tam in shorts and a t-shirt.  In November.  And, it was hot.  Take that, NYC. Nothing was accomplished that weekend, and it was amazing.  I spent an indulgent amount of time outdoors milling about […]

Strawberries – SF

September 3, 2010


I had a whole slew of strawberries in the house.  I have a berry problem, and it’s become exacerbated since moving to SF.  In California, the land of perpetual Eden, berry season just doesn’t seem to end.  Just when you think it’s over (hello, stone fruit), WHAM! the strawberries are back in full force at the farmer’s market […]