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Cereal – LA

July 16, 2013


Now that you know my secret love of (some) processed foods, I have no qualms with telling you about my cereal problem.  I could eat it for breakfast and dinner.  I gave it up for Lent one year (40 very sad, dark days).  I had no idea what to eat in the morning, but it […]

Banana – SF

September 29, 2011


We are in serious packing mode over here in SF.  I guess it’s time to tell you that the Haley household is moving. Again. I’m a chronic mover.  I recently visited the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site where I learned that the playwright moved 35 times in his life, lived for the longest stretch in […]

Mango – SF

June 8, 2011


This photo looks awfully familiar.  I obviously have a thing for rice and pudding and coconut milk. Wait.  Don’t touch that dial. Because you won’t want to miss my delicious Thai sticky rice. With squishy-ripe, piney-smelling mangoes. Time to bust out that rice cooker, which I have used exactly once.  And you’re looking at the […]

Indian – SF

January 10, 2011


January.  It’s a difficult month.  It’s even cold in San Francisco.  Here we are beginning Week Two of New Year’s resolutions (or Weak Two, approximately ten days of working up the motivation to feel, well… motivated).  I’m still recovering from an extremely relaxing holiday in Connecticut.  Getting snowed-in, watching movies and cooking up butterscotch pudding […]