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British – LA

October 6, 2013


Sticky Toffee Pudding is basically everything I could want in a dessert.  It has the richness of dates (good Medjool dates).  It’s moist, crumbly and great warm or cold (good for breakfast, straight out the fridge.)  As we enter into fall entertaining, this is a great make ahead dish.  To save the calories and cut […]

Mad Men – NYC

March 25, 2012


I know – it’s been a very long while. In case I thought this year couldn’t get any more bananas, I’m en-GAGE-d (!!!) like my Haley. So please excuse the excessive absence of our baking and blogging bicoastal-ly. We’re busy pinterest-ing and planning and pinterest-ing to prep for two weddings in the next 8 months. […]

Lemon – NYC

September 2, 2011


HELLOOOOOO dear readers and friends! Happy September! Its been quite an epic, life-changing, whirlwind of a summer for Haley and me, but we’re back in full force and ready to wow you with our bicoastal treats and witty banter. Did you miss us? We missed all of you! This challenge is dedicated to the amazing […]

Lemon – SF

September 2, 2011


Well, hello there!  After a summertime hiatus, Bakers Bicoastal is up and running again. Boy, it was a busy, crazy, awesome summer spent in Big Sur and the Pacific Northwest (check out our photos), with a brief stint to visit our family on the east coast. I know.  You must be worried about the state […]

Ginger – SF

May 24, 2011


You may be surprised; I don’t own a lot of cookbooks.  A little odd, since I own a lot of books in general. We have three shelves of travel books, one just dedicated to Northern California. I have chick lit crammed with literature, piled high on my shelves.  Old textbooks, back issues of National Geographic […]

Indulgence – NYC

March 23, 2011


Sometimes you just need to take it to the edge, push the boundaries of gluttony, and make something the likes of which should never be attempted, let alone consumed. This was a birthday request from, by far, one of the most talented and accomplished professional bakers I know, and a really wonderful friend. She sent […]

Flower Water – SF

February 21, 2011


Sometime things get stuck in your head–a song on the radio, a phrase from a movie, a pair of shoes you saw online, on sale, but didn’t buy because, let’s be honest, who really needs leopard wedges? For about two weeks straight, the word “epic” got stuck in my daily vernacular.  Man, that was an epic sandwich.  I could […]