About Haley

After five years in the big apple, “Hot Hands” Haley traded in her power suits (read: power jeans) for some Birkenstocks and hightailed it to SF with her beau and several over-watered plants.  After only 15 months, a bunch of whoopie pies hit the fan, and they decided to check out LA (with a vow to one day return to SF to finish their Bay area adventure).

Haley has a deep love for anything sweet, but she has a special weakness for ice cream, cookies, crusty french bread and anything involving peanut butter, oh, and let’s not forget cheese.  She hopes to one day get over her fear of meringues, visit Acadia National Park and maybe grow two more inches.  Not in the waistline.

While Haley is not covered in flour and sugar, she is running around the Silver Lake reservoir, tinkering with her patio garden, raiding the Hollywood farmer’s market and missing Britt and all of their culinary adventures.

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