Holiday Hodgepodge – NYC

Posted on December 23, 2011


What a year this has been – riddled with unexpected events, 2011 brought so much change I can’t keep it all straight. Summing up the major events of these twelve months brings me into a hazy stare, coupled with slowly closing eyes ie I PASS OUT with exhaustion trying to analyze it. What I’ve learned is to truly be thankful in every sense of the word- to pause every once in a while, take a quiet moment for yourself, and realize what you do have, instead of spending that time worrying about what you don’t. Life makes changes on you without warning, and if you don’t have an appreciation for things while they’re there, you’ll be sad to see them go.  Be thankful for the sad moments too, for they make room for the happy.

I ask that my gift from you, dear readers, is that you don’t fault me for this post, and further for the lack of posts in the past six months. I am so, so very tired. This Christmas, please accept my many links as an acceptable post. Just this once. 🙂

Thus, I give to you: “A very bake-y and link-y holiday posting”. Note: I did make all of these things and they were spectacular.

Thanksgiving morning: Pumpkin monkey bread stuffed with creamcheese with a maple glaze

Christmas cookie bake with Bridgey: Nutella Cookies, Apple Molasses cookies, Halfway cookies

And my new year’s resolution? That you’ll see much more of us in 2012 (I promise Hales! xx)

Merry Christmas – have a very happy holiday, and an even happier start to the new year.

With love,
Britt xx