Cookie – NYC

Posted on April 11, 2011


Everyone loves a free sample…especially if its a cookie.

Recently, I found myself drawn into a kitchen supply store near our apartment. Towards the front of the store, two women were making these INCREDIBLE smelling cookies – AND giving out a large cookie to each hungry shopper walking by.  Of course, true to form, my shopping was no longer a priority. Free warm homemade cookies, please!

The sisters at Bite Me Cookbook make a MEAN white chocolate cherry cookie, and as soon I took a bite, I was eager to try to emulate, especially as they were kind enough to give me a cute lil’ sticker as a recipe card. Double win! Put down basket full of carefully-picked kitchen items, leave immediately, make cookies, eat cookie. Repeat last step. Repeat last step.

BITE ME COOKBOOK’S WHITE CHOCOLATE CHERRY COOKIES (c/o my cute lil’ sticker, of course)




I hope this inspires you to check out their site ( and perhaps purchase the book. Trust me – you’ll want other recipes from these ladies once you try the cookies.

Btw – these freeze super well. Nothings better than a freshly baked cookie at the end of a long work day to sabotage your healthy dinner and soothe your soul. Freeze a batch, cut off a cookie-sized piece or 2 (or 7, depending on how long that day actually was), pop in the oven for 10 min and you’ll have better-than-bakery cookies warm for you with as much effort as it takes to turn on your oven.