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Posted on February 1, 2011


Last summer, MommaD (aka my mom) told me she had gotten a great recipe for Kettlecorn from one of her coworkers at school and that she had been dying to make some of it for my brother, dad and I. Since that fateful Saturday, I believe that I’ve made this AT LEAST 25 times.  At least. It’s one of those easy, but perfect, recipes that is so quick to throw together at any time and is so good that one finds themselves licking the un-popped kernels when the popped ones have disappeared just to keep the Kettlecorn consumption going. Addictive? Ummmm, yea. Yes. Ridiculously so.

MommaD’s Kettlecorn


1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup popping kernals

1/8 cup sugar

a small sprinkle of kosher salt (if you like extra salt. not necessarily needed)


1. Place oil, kernels, and sugar in a non-stick pan with lid and heat on medium stove-top.

2. Swirl and shake pan for 4-7 minutes continuously (do not stop. this is the key. stopping = burning popcorn, and no one likes that burnt kernals) until you hear the crescendo of kernals slowly starting to pop and then fizzle into one-two sad pops every few seconds).

3. Remove from pan and pour into bowl for almost immediate consumption. (Sprinkle with salt if desired). Do not touch the kernals, do not touch the pan, do not be an idiot. Sugar retains heat so you will burn your tongue into next Tuesday if you preemptively insert hand/face into the bowl. Give it a few seconds…

and then go wild. You’ll be surprised how much popcorn this makes, but you’ll be more surprised 5-8 minutes later when you find that you’re sucking on the remaining kernals at the bottom of the bowl.

Thoughts? This one’s a winner, folks. You will not be disappointed. Will you have a full-on Kettlecorn hangover? Yes – probably. But no signs of disappointment at least.

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