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Flower Water – NYC

February 24, 2011


Only Haley and I would choose the challenge “flower water” – WHO ARE WE?!? All the more reason, dear readers, to make your suggestions known in our “Gimme Some Sugah!”. Just sayin’. If Hales took you on an escape to France, I’m taking you to Italy. AH, the cannoli. Crispy crunchy fried on the outside, […]

Flower Water – SF

February 21, 2011


Sometime things get stuck in your head–a song on the radio, a phrase from a movie, a pair of shoes you saw online, on sale, but didn’t buy because, let’s be honest, who really needs leopard wedges? For about two weeks straight, the word “epic” got stuck in my daily vernacular.  Man, that was an epic sandwich.  I could […]

White Chocolate – NYC

February 10, 2011


I have to start by saying that we’ve been so overwhelmed with the kindness and excitement of our friends, family, and soon-to-be-new-friend readers who have been reaching out to say how much they enjoy what we’re doing. B can attest to witnessing me literally jump up and down and run around our dining room table […]

White Chocolate – SF

February 10, 2011


We have this cool new page called Gimme Some Sugah! We’re not literally asking for sugar.  I’m pretty sure I have plenty of the real stuff in my cupboard.  But, I’d love some figurative “Sugah”. You know, funny witticisms or videos (thank you Dave & Jen). Stuff you tried and liked or didn’t like (we […]

Seeds – NYC

February 8, 2011


B is to Michael Ruhlman as I am to Dorie Greenspan – chef meets baker. So when B sent me an RR (Ruhlman recipe) for homemade bagels he wanted to try together Sunday, it seemed like the perfect B&B activity. Don’t be alarmed – they’re not that difficult. “But I can go to the D&D/Murrays/Manhattan […]

Seeds – SF

February 8, 2011


Well, this is embarrassing.  I just took down my Christmas tree.  Three days ago. It all started with, “Let’s leave it up for another week; it’s so pretty and festive,” and turned into “How did tinsel get there?  It’s February already?!”  I guess that’s what happens when you’re gone for two weeks.  Apparently, your life […]

Snack – NYC

February 1, 2011


Last summer, MommaD (aka my mom) told me she had gotten a great recipe for Kettlecorn from one of her coworkers at school and that she had been dying to make some of it for my brother, dad and I. Since that fateful Saturday, I believe that I’ve made this AT LEAST 25 times.  At […]